Thursday, April 2, 2009

On with the row covers

Well here we go again. This is the time of year that we have to watch the weather and when it gets cold with a chance of frost we have to put the row covers on the strawberries. Here we are getting ready to pull them.

Its always good to have as many people as you can when you start pulling row covers. Generally when you start putting the row covers on the wind will pick up. Now that always fun. It's kinda like parasailing.

Now when it goes good that is great, 2 people can pull the covers, but you know all good things must come to an end well this is what happens when things go bad.

Now it takes all five of us to pull them. Dad was pulling but I had him taking this picture. The covers were wet and was hard to pull. We got one field done before it started raining. If it stops raining we will finish them today, and if not we will do them tomorrow.

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