Thursday, March 12, 2009

What we are doing now

I have gotten behind in my blogging so I thought I better get you all up to date. A few of our geraniums are blooming. They are looking good.

We moved the hanging baskets out of the small greenhouse over to the big greenhouse. Now as they grow we can spread them out so that they can have a lot of room to grow.

We have a few hanging baskets left in the small greenhouse. We will get them moved next week so that Dave and Teressa can have their greenhouse back for their bedding plants.

The cole crops and the tomatoes are coming up. It wont be long till the little greenhouse will be full of bedding plants.

Here we are planting onions. It was cold and windy when we were planting them.

Here is the onion field. We put the row cover over them to keep the plants from blowing away. We planted a bunch of yellow jumbo super sweet onions. We also planted some red onions and also some white ones and they are all sweet.

Here is the strawberry patch. Not alot going on with them right now. We took the row cover off a while back. Now we have to watch the temperature and if it drops down too low we will have to put them back on.

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